Hi, I am unnamed

and this is my story...

My crew and myself was swimming, sunbathing, drinking beer, flirting on a beech etc. at Boracko lake, a standard summer procedure in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovinia. All out of sudden some bikers (dudes and chicks) joined us and we continued drinking with them till the dusk. We finally all crammed into a van and in no time we reached Mostar when we realized that my bro and my self are the only ones from our crew, not knowing where we are going, surrounded by a bunch of bikers, and that we actually just wanted a ride home in Konjic.
We actually ended up in Stolac and one of the flashbacks was that we're breaking into house belonging to one of the bikers because he lost a key. There is no much flashbacks from that night except that I've ordered cevpi and actually had no even a dime in my pocket.
The next morning we've been woken up by a beautiful scent of burek pie, but still had no clue neither where we are nor how we got there. The chick entered the room calling us for a luch - we had no clue who she is either. It turned out that we stayed overnight at one of the biker's house. The chick is his sister that was partying with us in Stolac last night and their mother made us that Burek pie. It was a good pie, but we have been so hanged over that we couldn't eat much.
We all gathered once more for a coffee that day and we couldn't believe how welcoming everyone was. They gave us a ride to Mostar so we can take a bus to Konjic.
After all these years we're still good friends despite we don't meet each other so often.
sometimes before...